Say "Goodbye" to the Plug!

The ComProbe BPA 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is entirely USB-powered. Now you can go where YOU want to go and capture your Bluetooth data where ever you can take your laptop. With the ComProbe BPA 600 analyzer you are not tied to a power outlet. Simply connect the ComProbe hardware to your laptop with a standard USB cable and take it wherever you need to go.

Link Key Handling Never Easier

The ComProbe BPA 600 analyzer makes link key management easy.

  • Link key order: Don't worry about the order of the link key - forwards or backwards is ok. The ComProbe BPA 600 datasource automatically changes the link key order entered by the user to the correct one. You don't have to re-enter even if you put it in the wrong order.
  • Automatic link key entry: If you are simultaneously sniffing HCI and over the air Bluetooth data using the ComProbe BPA 600 along with the ComProbe USB, or ComProbe HSU analyzers, the link key will automatically be passed in from the HCI sniffer. You don't have to go find it, copy it, or enter it manually.
Goodbye Power Outlet
Easy, Flexible, Powerful

The BPA 600 analyzer is easy to use and gives you flexibility to capture multiple connections at once. These can be either “Classic” Bluetooth or low energy or both. With the BPA 600 hardware you can dedicate the entire analyzer to either of these technologies giving you more data about piconets and more power to troubleshoot issues fast – all using our easy, intuitive, and powerful ComProbe software.

The Frontline BPA 600 Bluetooth protocol analyzer lets you to see and analyze "Classic" and low energy Bluetooth v4.0 in a single coexistence view. You can see multiple "classic" or low energy connections at one time. This includes "Pre-Connection" traffic and frequency hopping sequence (FHS) packet information.

Bluetooth 4.2 Specification Ready

Using the ComProbe BPA 600 protocol analyzer gets you ready to develop and test your Bluetooth 4.2 compliant devices using features like:

  • 32 Bit UUIDs for low energy
  • Unencrypted UCD
  • Low Duty Cycle Directed Advertising for low energy

The BPA 600 analyzer uses the powerful ProbeSync technology that will enable the BPA 600 to connect to additional BPA analyzers including high speed 802.11 while sharing a common clock. And all of this in a box the size of your hand!