Frontline is pleased to announce the release of the ComProbe 802.11 a/b/g/n protocol analyzer. This is the latest addition to the world class suite of ComProbe analyzers.

Never Drop a Packet!

The sheer volume of 802.11 data flowing between devices can be staggering, but gone are the days when you miss or drop packets because your analyzer simply can't keep up with the amount of data flowing through the air. Frontline solved this by building in a staggering ~250GB data buffer. This means your are going to get all the data, all of the time.

The ComProbe 802.11 protocol analyzer lets you passively capture wireless traffic like never before. No other device on the market provides the precision, the reliability, or the capacity to gather wireless data better than the ComProbe 802.11 protocol analyzer!

Precise Timestamps and Improved Bluetooth Coexistence

The ComProbe 802.11 introduces a new level of precision regarding timestamps and Bluetooth Coexistence. Now developers can connect the ComProbe 802.11 analyzer with the ComProbe BPA 600 using Frontline's ProbeSync™ technology - enabling two or more analyzers to share a common clock. Once connected developers can clearly see both 802.11 packets and Bluetooth 4.0 +HS packets together in one coexistence view. And, with the improved timestamps and packet information available with the ComProbe 802.11 analyzer Bluetooth Coexistence is much more precise than was previously possible.